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Montag, 26. März 2012

Errata: Mama and Baby Owl pattern

March 26, 2012

In the pattern "Mama and Baby Owl" the following errors have been found:

Baby Owl - body (p. 6):

  • Round 14: (6 sc, dec) - instead of (6 sc, inc)

same for
  • Round 17: (5 sc, dec) - instead of (5 sc, inc)
  • Round 19: (4 sc, dec) - instead of (4 sc, inc)
  • Round 22: (3 sc, dec) - instead of (3 sc, inc)
  • Round 24: (2 sc, dec) - instead of (2 sc, inc)

If you have purchased this pattern before March 26, 2012 and want to receive the corrected version, please send me an email!

Thank you!

Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

Wise little owls

These two little cuties just hopped from my hook - and are waiting to come to your home! ... And because owls are known for being very wise they bring their own graduation hat.

As you can see: Baby Owl is already dreaming of being once as wise as Mama Owl... :)

The pattern for "Mama and Baby Owl" (incl. flowers, heart, and graduation hat) are available in my Etsy shop.

Pattern was tested by Ann (chessie) - you can see her little owls here.

Sonntag, 11. März 2012

Lila and Rusty Rabbit

An Easter story with Lila and Rusty Rabbit

The sun has not risen yet, but in Easter land a little bunny is already busy at work...

 It’s Lila Rabbit, who is coloring pretty Easter eggs with her magic painting brush.

 Since she is a perfectionist, she checks each single egg for any mistakes that may have happened. Since no child should get an egg that’s not really perfect!

When she’s finished, a big smile shows on her face: yes, it is done! But what has Rusty done in the meanwhile?

Rusty is still hopping through meadows, playing in the sun, enjoying a rabbit’s simple life… when suddenly the alarm clock rings!

Rusty jumps up, expands himself... makes a big yaaaaaawn... and then – he finally is back to Easter land!

The night was short – the day will be long... but he can’t wait to start his work: an Easter rabbit just can’t help LOVING Easter day with all of his heart!

Lila already had her carrot breakfast and she puts all eggs into Rusty’s tiny basket. A little Easter rabbit can’t carry that much at once – but fortunately, Rusty is a really fast runner!

And finally, our Easter bunny is hopping through the land – bringing eggs and gifts to every child that has been good during the year...

With each delivery he’s getting faster – and finally he’s running just as fast as lightning!

The little Easter bunnies love Easter so much, but it’s also quite stressful for them to do all the Easter work in time! Thank goodness there’s carrot juice – the world’s best power drink that little bunnies know.

When all the Easter work is done, it’s time to celebrate Easter day together.

Lila and Rusty love to be Easter rabbits.
They can’t imagine anything better than bringing joy and fun to children every year!

Idea, pictures and text © Barbara Strasser, 2012

The pattern for Lila and Rusty Rabbit is now available in my Etsy-Shop!

Of course, the little Easter story is included in the pattern, too. :)