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Samstag, 25. Februar 2012

Amigurumis made by YOU!

Today I'd like to show you some works that YOU have made from my patterns...

Cute as sugar - Wooly made by Anja: the little critter likes to see the world on his little moped! :)

And this adorable Beauty was made by Penny:

Thank you so much for sharing these pics of your supercute works!

I love to see what wonderful creations arise when YOU fill my patterns with life! :)

Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

Wooly is here!

Hello dear friends,

All the waiting finally has an end! - The pattern for Wooly, the Sheep has been put to the acid test. It has been crocheted, tested, revised, retested, and... Now the little critter is allowed to conquer the world  accompanied by his little "cousin"!

They're sending lots of hugs and kisses to you - and are looking forward to your visit! :)

The pattern is available in my Etsy shop.

As they use to say, the pattern was made by "Baaaaaaa-rbara"! ;)))

And these are the tested Woolys, that have already come to this world (lots of thanks to my great testers!) - aren't they supercute?:

See more pics of Wooly in an ealier post: New cuddly critter!

Montag, 13. Februar 2012

Free pattern: es-BEE-lotta!

Today is the first-week-birthday of "esbelotta Amigurumi press"! I want to celebrate this special day with a special gift for you:

the mascot of esbelotta, as a free crochet pattern!

Hope you will have fun with this little insect! :)

Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2012

New cuddly critter!

The pattern for a cuddly little critter will soon be finished:

Wooly, the Sheep!

I gave him a tiny pelt of loop stitches to look and feel particularly soft and cuddly. - But he also wants to come to those of you who don't like or know this kind of stitch, so I also added a pattern for a version without any loop stitches:

And here are some family pics:

The pattern is now out for testing and will be finished within the next 1 - 2 weeks! :)

Free pattern: Easy flower

I finally made a PDF for my Easy Flower pattern.

A very versatile, easy-to-make 5-petal crochet flower.


Montag, 6. Februar 2012


Welcome to my new blog, dear friends!

As announced, there have been several changes in my life - and on my websites. Well... I didn't just revise my blogs - no, because of big changes in my personal and professional life, I decided to make a complete new start!

And since I always had the feeling that "AmigurumiParadise" wasn't a very speical name, not really individual... my label now got a new name:  

esbelotta Amigurumi press!

(This name has a little funny history, but I will tell you later about it...) And not only the name has changed - the design has too! (I really enjoyed doing this. *g*) - But, as you can see, the little typical smiling bee had to follow me - because she cheers up everyone and evertything!:

Her name is es-BEE-lotta - and she will always be with me from now on! (Design and illustration of the bee are completely self-made - so please don't copy her.)

My blog has moved to here. I've already included the most important posts from the old blog in this new one. That is, tutorials, useful information, and - of course - all my free patterns! (They also have a fully new look new - find out here!) I will add a PDF version of my "Easy Flower" pattern soon. - And I also have another surprise for you! (Shhhh... I can't tell you more by now... *g*)

Descriptions of all my patterns will be added soon. You can now find my patterns in my new esbelotta-Shops at Etsy (mainly for the English versions) and DaWanda (only German versions)!

I hope you'll like the new life of AmigurumiParadise and that you will keep on following me!

Free pattern: Amigurumi Banana

Here's the pattern for the Amigurumi Banana that Mister Miller, the Problem Solver loves sooo much:

The banana is worked in  one piece because I don't like sewing parts together. For the loose parts of the peel advanced crochet skills are needed (I've added text AND a chart in the pattern to help you through it). Just give it a try! :)

There's also a French version of the pattern available on stef et sa belette's blog: Banane Frécinette au crochet pour sa dinette ! 

Free pattern: Frog King

A new GIFT from me to you! :)

I designed a little eggy frog - and gave him a crown. Now he is a Frog King.

For all who want to kiss this frog: No guarantee that he will turn into a prince! (*g*)


Free pattern: Mrs Egghead & her husband

Here's the free pattern for a cute little egghead couple... :)

Free pattern: Tiny Ghosts

Once upon a time... I let two tiny ghosts come out of my mind!

May I introduce you to "Moe" and "Chester"? Chester is a tiny ghost, who likes to eat marshmallows, have fun, and laugh all day long. His friend Moe is a bit different - he takes being a ghost very seriously - and keeps "Boo!"-ing around all the time! ;)

I decided to put the pattern up here for free - I hope, you'll enjoy it! I know, I'm a bit early with halloween-like stuff, but so you'll have enough time to make a whole bunch of them! :)) - Would be happy to hear how you like them!

Stitch legend

I found this very helpful site with stitch legend for Japanese/US/Europe crochet chart symbols including instructions and videos: Stitch Legend

The person in the videos is holding the hook and working the stitches in the same way that I do. (The "continental" method.)

Crochet Abbreviations

Here's a list of common crochet terms/abbreviations (US notation) I use in my patterns:

st - stitch(es)
sl st - slip stitch
ch - chain
sc - single crochet
hdc - half double crochet
dc - double crochet
tr - treble
dtr - double treble
pic - picot (ch 3, sl st in base stitch) OR (ch 4, sl st in base stitch)
BP.. - back post stitch
FP.. - front post stitch
inc - increase (2 sc in next st)
dec - decrease (2 sc worked off together)
BLO - back loops only
FLO - front loops only
FO - fasten off

Standards & Guidelines for Crochet

At you can find very helpful lists of crochet (and knit) abbreviations, skills levels, sizing guidelines, categories of yarn weights, size ranges for hooks and so on.

And here's another good page with Steel Crochet Hook Conversion Chart (

Amigurumi tutorials

On PlanetJune's Blog there can be found some good Amigurumi tutorials, which I warmly recommend:

MyGurumi has also made up some great tutorials:

And here's a very good tutorial from Owlishly how to make the hair for your amigurumis:

What does "frogging" mean?

Ever asked yourself that question?
Maybe you will find the answer on Julia's blog (at least it'll make you smile):

New Term Tuesday – What Does “Frogging” Mean?

Oh, and my free "Frog King" pattern has been featured there! :)

All my patterns

All my patterns - at one look!
(In chronological order.)

Last update: 15. Dec 2012

And these are my free patterns: