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Montag, 6. Februar 2012


Welcome to my new blog, dear friends!

As announced, there have been several changes in my life - and on my websites. Well... I didn't just revise my blogs - no, because of big changes in my personal and professional life, I decided to make a complete new start!

And since I always had the feeling that "AmigurumiParadise" wasn't a very speical name, not really individual... my label now got a new name:  

esbelotta Amigurumi press!

(This name has a little funny history, but I will tell you later about it...) And not only the name has changed - the design has too! (I really enjoyed doing this. *g*) - But, as you can see, the little typical smiling bee had to follow me - because she cheers up everyone and evertything!:

Her name is es-BEE-lotta - and she will always be with me from now on! (Design and illustration of the bee are completely self-made - so please don't copy her.)

My blog has moved to here. I've already included the most important posts from the old blog in this new one. That is, tutorials, useful information, and - of course - all my free patterns! (They also have a fully new look new - find out here!) I will add a PDF version of my "Easy Flower" pattern soon. - And I also have another surprise for you! (Shhhh... I can't tell you more by now... *g*)

Descriptions of all my patterns will be added soon. You can now find my patterns in my new esbelotta-Shops at Etsy (mainly for the English versions) and DaWanda (only German versions)!

I hope you'll like the new life of AmigurumiParadise and that you will keep on following me!


  1. Yay! I am your first follower on your new blog. ^^
    I love your new design. Very cute. Even your new name sounds lovely.
    Hugs, Myriam

  2. Welcome on my new blog, first follower! :)))
    I'm glad you like it - hope you will enjoy!